Friday, June 25, 2010

blackandwhite portraits

Scarlett Johansson
Kelly Rowland

Cheryl Cole

I always seem to have a soft spot for black and white photography because no matter how intense the makeup is or not, there is some sort of vulnerability and beauty in the photograph.

all images except for Kelly Rowlands' are from, Rowlands' picture is from

Sunday, June 13, 2010

the Wondergirls

image from

"I want nobody nobody but you" was an anthem that I constantly sang randomly a few years ago after hearing about this Korean girl band called the "Wondergirls". Although they began in the Korea (and became iconic over there and all over Asia), they now trying to make it in the American market and I am very excited to be attending their first concert tour here in America (and I'm going tonight :D). Not only are their talented and brave for trying to overcome the American industry barriers, they have flair for makeup and fashion. As you can probably tell, I love watching music videos for any artist's styling in clothes and makeup, and the Wondergirls always look great and cute in their MVs. Their latest single "Two Different Tears" features an 80s theme with demin and other retro stylings with the tattoos inspired by the temporary Chanel tattoos that were in the scene in the beginning of this year... here is the MV:

This clip features celebrities like the Jonas Brothers, Rain, and Crystal Kay congratulating them for their latest album release. They actually opened for the Jonas Brothers last year at their concert.

... and this is the first single that made me their fan

Monday, June 7, 2010

Music (sorta) Video Break 10.06.07

... how romantic and cute is that? It made me tear up... oh wedding season and by the way, I love how the cards were inspired by Love Actually

Sunday, June 6, 2010

What? Urban Outfitters Sells (more) Makeup?

Yes, online and in some chain stores. They have brands that I can't get a hold of in my area, but thankfully there are a few Urban Outfitters close to me that should be selling them. Examples of a few of these brands are Paul & Joe, Lipstick Queen, Anna Sui, Manic Panic hair dye... oh I can't wait.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sunshine = Rainbow... and featuring an awesome giveaway

High end fashion/celebrity manicurist Sophy Robson is one of the most talked about manicurist featured on many fashion magazines nowadays. Although she does work as a Chanel manicurist, she features other manicures done by other people and she uses other nail polish brands such as American Apparel and Butter on her nail blog:

image from

She recently did a tutorial of one of her most known manicures and it's perfect for the upcoming sunny weather that we're having here in the bay area. I can't wait to try it out even though I don't have all the colors to do it, so I think I will try it with one color only... I like how this manicure has lots of color but it's painted in a simple, grown up manner.

Nic from bangbangsheshoots is having a generous giveaway filled with a ton of Japanese cosmetic goodies in honor of her online store opening. I remember her having another blog before and I followed it even before I started this blog so I am excited that she is back again. Her entries about MAC and Japanese makeup are very informative, she also has a cute fashion sense with lots of pretty FOTDs. In order to participate in the giveaway, you need to be a follower and answer those questions, be sure to read the rules, here's the link

and a quick shot a little part of the giveaway
and the link to her store: good luck