Monday, February 22, 2010

Favorite Details in Derek Lam Fall 2010 NYFW

Fellow Californian, gotta represent! He gave a comfortable Cali look with a tailored edge, his inspiration came from Cowboys/Western fashion, haha. The deep blue and bronze colored eye makeup gave a cool but gorgeous vibe.

I keep seeing white/white-ish nails

How cute and comfortable-looking are these booties!

Another shot of the face
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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Favorite Details in Marc Jacobs Fall 2010 NYFW

I truly admire Marc Jacobs for being able to design major collections during the fall. That creative genius not only has his own line, but he is the designer for the iconic Louis Vuitton and his Marc by Marc Jacobs line which all are different types of styles and they all have shows during fashion week of course. It's a dream of mine to meet him... ahahah. Anyways, onwards to the pictures. Marc Jacobs always collaborates with Nars Francois and so I always see the stuff that is coming to the upcoming Nars makeup collection feature in his shows. I've noticed that many collections this fall also had a more natural approach on the face makeup, and this was true for this collection too.

So simple, but pretty. I read somewhere that the eyeshadow was a lavender color, a new eyeshadow from Nars coming out this fall... ahh, the name escapes me right now,lol

Taupe nails, love that

Pompom handbags, so cute and perfect for fall...haha

Brogues with some sparkle
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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Favorite Details in Doo.Ri Fall 2010 NYFW

Another of my favorite looks this fall was from Doo.ri. She is also one of my favorite designers in general and this fall, her collection had a red/orange color scheme. Lips were pretty much the trend this fall and Doo.ri definitely made her collection stand out by using deep raspberry lips topped with blue reflects glitter. I remember reading from somewhere that MAC did the makeup. I'm also loving the entire look from the braids to the taupe nails.

Love the hair and lips, though in real life, I'm not brave enough to wear those lips

Love the nails

Statement Necklace for sure

Doo.ri knows how to make red/orange work with blue

Can you tell how much I love a little sparkle pizazz

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Favorite Details in Diane Von Fustenberg Fall 2010 NYFW

Since it's fashion week in New York right now, I can't help but pick out a few of my favorite details in clothes, ,makeup and accessories from different shows that could be the different trends we will see in the fall. As an avid watcher of fashion and makeup trends, I will be posting some of my favorites this month.

Gorgeous Butterfly/Peacock eye makeup, the "How To" was featured on's beauty blog site, click here

these pom pom hats are so cute and warm looking, if it snowed where I lived, I would love wearing these everyday *don't they look great with the eye makeup too?*

I *heart* Diane Von Furstenberg because of her creative use of vibrancy in colors and textures

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Here's To ...


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with President's Day filled with love and warmth regardless of what holiday or not holiday you're celebrating!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

por Alexander McQueen

Rest.In.Peace... a brilliant, extremely creative designer, I love how he challenged the norm and made it aesthetically different but uniquely beautiful

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Can I Have Some Colors Please?

It was pretty sunny for a while yesterday and then it rained all day today. I don't mind the rain too much but what bothers me is the coldness that comes with it and thus my sickness, my 2nd time after getting over my first one last week this year. Oh well... in this dismal weather I like things with lots of colors. Here are my favorites from the March 2010 Vogue UK editorial.

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