Tuesday, September 21, 2010

it's time to say goodbye

I know I'm a horrible blogger and to be honest, I really did not have the time or patience (and no longer have access to photoshop :( ) to keep this blog running... THANK YOU for all the blogging fun with meeting fellow bloggers and people who comment really did brighten my day. I will comment once in a while on fellow blog sites that I still check for updates but for now, I have decided to stop blogging on this site...

however, I have a tumblr, but it's more personal than makeup/fashion and it's more of a photo blog of my photography than a bunch of writing and copied photos, basically it is more of a photo diary about stuff I like/do/etc... if you're curious, click this link, once again


Monday, July 5, 2010

holiday break

Happy belated Birthday America! I had a warm, relaxing and bbq filled weekend, how was yours?

First off, I would like to apologize with the lack of posts and my typical, usual posting of look collages and magazine/fashion photoshoots. I've been dealing with lots of personal issues during the month of June (i.e. my photoshop program is out of whack and it's been one year after my grandmother's passing, I miss her) and I will not be able to post for a while because I will be in Taiwan till mid-August... so please wait for me because I'm excited to check out the all the Asian makeup brands that I hear so much about and I will definitely show some of my touristy photos for you all.

Until then... I'm excited about these future makeup happenings,

MAC's Fabulous Felines collection: a three part collection coming out this August. Cats are cute and I wanna look like one... haha j/k, I like the look of the promo shots for this one. I'm waiting for Docile lipglass since it was featured on Carolina Herrera's models in her Fall 2011 New York Fashion week collection as seen here (My Dark Magic mineralize eyeshadow seen on her eyes is coming out with the Disney collection)

image from nymag.com

Here are some promo shots for the collection

images from specktra.net

MAC's Venomous Villians collection: out in September for US. Also far away but I'm anticipating the colors even though I'm not excited about the packaging and the fact they didn't choose the bad ass Ursula to be included. Some swatches of some of the colors can be seen on specktra.net. On the Carolina Herrera model picture above, My Dark Magic mineralize eyeshadow from this collection will debut in this collection.
image from specktra.net

MAC's In the Groove collection: available at counters and store on July 8th. My favorites so far are the repromote of Stereo Rose mineralize skinfinish (it's been a coveted item way before I got into the whole makeup scene so I can't tell you why exactly until I see it), Happy Together mineralize blush, Making It Easy mineralize eyeshadow, and Jazzed cremesheen lipstick because of this site (Snowkei is a talented makeup artist and it looks so gorgeous on her, I can't read Chinese so I don't know what it says), and Togetherness mineralize eyeshadow because I like the color combo.

Stereo Rose

Happy Together

Making It Easy


MAC images from temptalia.com, check out her site for more and other product shots from this collection

Deborah Lippmann Fall 2010 collection: Across the Universe and Bad Romance... which is available for pre-sale at Nordstrom.com and on the deborahlippman.com site in August

both images from alllacqueredup.com

Friday, June 25, 2010

blackandwhite portraits

Scarlett Johansson
Kelly Rowland

Cheryl Cole

I always seem to have a soft spot for black and white photography because no matter how intense the makeup is or not, there is some sort of vulnerability and beauty in the photograph.

all images except for Kelly Rowlands' are from fashiongonerouge.com, Rowlands' picture is from Elle.com

Sunday, June 13, 2010

the Wondergirls

image from yeinjee.com

"I want nobody nobody but you" was an anthem that I constantly sang randomly a few years ago after hearing about this Korean girl band called the "Wondergirls". Although they began in the Korea (and became iconic over there and all over Asia), they now trying to make it in the American market and I am very excited to be attending their first concert tour here in America (and I'm going tonight :D). Not only are their talented and brave for trying to overcome the American industry barriers, they have flair for makeup and fashion. As you can probably tell, I love watching music videos for any artist's styling in clothes and makeup, and the Wondergirls always look great and cute in their MVs. Their latest single "Two Different Tears" features an 80s theme with demin and other retro stylings with the tattoos inspired by the temporary Chanel tattoos that were in the scene in the beginning of this year... here is the MV:

This clip features celebrities like the Jonas Brothers, Rain, and Crystal Kay congratulating them for their latest album release. They actually opened for the Jonas Brothers last year at their concert.

... and this is the first single that made me their fan

Monday, June 7, 2010

Music (sorta) Video Break 10.06.07

... how romantic and cute is that? It made me tear up... oh wedding season and by the way, I love how the cards were inspired by Love Actually

Sunday, June 6, 2010

What? Urban Outfitters Sells (more) Makeup?

Yes, online and in some chain stores. They have brands that I can't get a hold of in my area, but thankfully there are a few Urban Outfitters close to me that should be selling them. Examples of a few of these brands are Paul & Joe, Lipstick Queen, Anna Sui, Manic Panic hair dye... oh I can't wait.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sunshine = Rainbow... and featuring an awesome giveaway

High end fashion/celebrity manicurist Sophy Robson is one of the most talked about manicurist featured on many fashion magazines nowadays. Although she does work as a Chanel manicurist, she features other manicures done by other people and she uses other nail polish brands such as American Apparel and Butter on her nail blog: http://www.sophyrobson.com/blog/

image from sophyrobson.com

She recently did a tutorial of one of her most known manicures and it's perfect for the upcoming sunny weather that we're having here in the bay area. I can't wait to try it out even though I don't have all the colors to do it, so I think I will try it with one color only... I like how this manicure has lots of color but it's painted in a simple, grown up manner.

Nic from bangbangsheshoots is having a generous giveaway filled with a ton of Japanese cosmetic goodies in honor of her online store opening. I remember her having another blog before and I followed it even before I started this blog so I am excited that she is back again. Her entries about MAC and Japanese makeup are very informative, she also has a cute fashion sense with lots of pretty FOTDs. In order to participate in the giveaway, you need to be a follower and answer those questions, be sure to read the rules, here's the link bangbangsheshoots.blogspot.com

and a quick shot a little part of the giveaway
and the link to her store: http://www.apopofkawaii.com/... good luck

Monday, May 31, 2010

Lo Siento

... so sorry about being a horrible blogger, school/work/life has got the best of me and now I have a bit of time to blog again... yay! As a testament to being a makeup fiend, here are a few pictures of my MAC only eye color stuff since last year, I took these pictures to try to discourage myself from buying more but unfortunately that hasn't really worked... lol

15 Pan (L-R): (top 1) smoke & diamonds, next to nothing, illegal cargo, (2nd row) hepcat, deep truth, fig. 1, (3rd) electra, haux, time & space, (4th) pressed tan pigment, pressed antique green pigment, of summer, (bottom) pressed vintage gold pigment, pressed heritage rouge pigment, and pressed nightfish (I think)
"My To-Go" 5 pan (L-R): carbon, femme fi, pressed deckchair pigment, satin taupe, and showstopper
Quads: Rose Romance (I honestly don't remember the names of the eyeshadows except for solar white), Pressed Pigment Quad: nightlite (I think), cocomotion, rebel rock blue, and violet), Self-Made Quad: sketch, sable, kid, jest
Earthly Riches mineralize eyeshadow

butternutty shadestick, zoom lash, stilife paint, margrittes paint, and blitz & glitz liner

It will be interesting to see how much my stash has grown now :P

P.S. have a wonderful memorial day weekend to the USAers

Friday, May 14, 2010

Nars and the Red Headed Tao

... from the June 2010 Vogue Nippon magazine

Tao Okamoto is one of the most noticeable models nowadays that can look great in any hairstyle even in her signature bowl cut. In this editorial (photographed by the famed makeup genius, Francois Nars) her fiery red hair paired with bold smokey/colored eyes combined with intense false lashes and nude lips, makes her swimsuit outfits look so much more fierce and fun to wear. Be sure to look at the nails too... click to enlarge.

images from fashiongonerouge.com

Monday, May 10, 2010

Clown Colors

This editorial was featured in the May 2010 Vogue Italy issue. It's interesting to see how they matched the makeup with the textures and colors seen in the clothes. I think it would be fun to see these stylings in real life to see the true artistic aesthetic of everything.

all images are from fashiongonerouge.com

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

To all of the mothers, grandmothers, sisters that are mothers to their siblings, and etc,

Have a wonderful day where we can appreciate you even more than we already do for all of the care you've given us and more :D

Saturday, May 8, 2010

bd's May 2010 Look Collage

necklace, belt, dress from H&M.com, Jeffrey Campbell sandals from nordstroms.com, Who the Shrek Are You? by OPI from opi.com, model photo from style.com

For May, I was inspired by the beachy yet stylish vibe of Los Angeles (since I'm going there soon later this month) and the beginning of summer. The H&M leopard print dress, tribal inspired necklace, and beaded belt are from the Fashion Against Aids collection is coming out this May 20th. OPI's Who the Shrek Are You?, a slime green color so appropriately named after the green orge in the comedic animation is coming out this month too, I can't wait to see a swatch in real life. Jeffrey Campbell heels are one of the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn and they're all handmade who makes it worth their price. When I think of sunny and warm places, I like to keep my hair up and makeup simple since I like to wear lots of color and so a more simplistic face balances out my entire look. For that reason, I chose this Armani Prive look from the Spring 2010 Couture collection , an edgy updo with light shimmery eyes. What do you guys think? What would you wear if you traveled to Los Angeles?

Monday, May 3, 2010

music video break 10.05.03

Just so Fierce

... check out the heels on Lee Hyori (the main singer with the bold eyes and red lips)

p.s. sorry for the delay in blogging, I've been so busy with school, work, life, and etc... I promise to have a fashion/makeup update very soon after wednesday.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

MAC alice + olivia

Debuting on July 8th in the USA, Japan, and Korea. I must admit that I am a lover of purples, teals, and gunmetal grays. The bold items are on my "want it" list... I might as well, made them all bold lol

Dazzleglass Creme
Sparklicious- creamy pale pinky white with soft multi dimensional pearlized pigments
If it's Pink- hot pink with soft multi dimensional pearlized pigments
I.Want.Candy- hot yellow with soft multi dimensional pearlized pigments

Later- black with transforming purple pearlized pigments
If it Sparkles- white with transforming pink pearlized pigments
Partylicious- turquoise with silver pearlized pigments

Nail Lacquer
Morning After- creamy turquoise
So Rich So Pretty- bright purple with pearlized pigments
Military- black matte with silver suede pearl

p.s. there are swatches of the actual product on specktra.net

image from nitrolicious.com and info from specktra.net

Monday, April 5, 2010

bd's Look Collage for White Party

This Saturday I will be attending an "all-white" themed birthday club party. I actually don't own too many white apparel items and so thought of what to look for when I go looking for what I want. I'm not a fan of dressing up entirely in one color and so I thought I could switch it up a bit by adding so slate colors and some sparkly jewelry. For my makeup, I thought of fuschia lips and a cat eye with "blinged" out false lashes perfect for those nights out indoors in a dimly lit dance club. Since I know I'll sweat a lot due to the all dancing that will occur, I will most likely want to keep my hair up in a easy no-fuss updo. What do you think and what would you wear? The collage is clickable.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Quick Video Break: chanel orient extreme summer 2010

Chanel is coming out with some gorgeous gold and black nail lacquers and a eye makeup duo inspired by the "Orient" which was featured in the recent Paris Shanghai PreFall 2010 fashion show (as seen in the videos below). Unfortunately, this collection will be limited to the Chanel boutiques and will be available on April 1st. I wonder how Illusion D'or will look because so far the nail lacquers are calling my name since I've been on a nail polish kick. How about you?

Part One

Part Two

Gorgeous Shu Pei

Ligne et Ombre de Chanel: Jet-Gold = Matte black eyeliner / gold eyeshadow

Le Vernis: Black Velvet = Matte black, Illusion D'or = Clear with gold sparkle, and Gold Lame = Copper gold

Images and Information from temptalia.com

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jade is the New Black Manicure for St. Patty's Day

without flash

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! As mentioned in my other post about my March picks, the nail polish that I had on there was OPI's Jade is the New Black from the recent Hong Kong Collection and I wore it just in time for this month. The color in real life is actually sightly more forest green compared to pictures. To me, the green color does not look like any colors of jade that I've seen. The application was so smooth and was opaque after two coats.

Flash ... some fingers look tan, ahahah

p.s. I apologize in advance for not being a great photographer nor good nail polish applier with cuticles showing, enjoy! :D

Monday, March 15, 2010

music video break 10.03.15

... it's so funny, different, and just so Gaga

Thursday, March 11, 2010

bd's March 2010 Look Collage

(it's clickable)... tank & jacket image from hm.com, model image from style.com, shoes from shopstyle.com, lipstick from temptalia.com, and OPI's Jade is the New Black from alllacqueredup.com

To me, March is synonymous to St. Patrick's Day (even though I'm not Irish) and spring flowers (even lately, it's been cloudy/raining and sunny off and on in my area).

This year H&M is going to debut their Garden Collection on March 25, the flower tank and jacket are from that collection, check out their site for more from this flower garden filled collection.

M.A.C. also just release their Give Me Liberty of London collection today in stores. This collection is actually out online on their own site and on the typical counters ones like Nordstorms and Macys. I talked about some of the products that I wanted to get before in another entry and I actually got to see them earlier this week, but unfortunately I don't have swatches. I do, however, have a list of my favorites that I think will sell out fast...
- Ever Hip lipstick: a coral cremesheen texture that is perfect for that spring look (it's the lipstick featured on my collage)
- Blue India nail polish: a dusty blue creme nail polish that is unlike any other blues I've seen before, check out alllacqueredup.com to see her swatch comparisons.
- Shell Pearl beauty powder: a peach/pink highlight that has the right amount of shimmer that doesn't look too over the top... it's been out in other collections before but if you haven't gotten it, maybe you should... ahahaha

I also liked...
- Frankly Fresh lipglass: a neutral peach color that has a bit of shimmer to give a little oomph to lips
- English Accents lipglass: a pastel pink with a bit of blue, I usually don't like how this color looks on my lips but it was pretty enough to not wash me out

... that's about the sum of my favorites. Of course, this is just my opinion since I'm not a makeup artist but a makeup fiend. I hope this helped and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

p.s. Sorry about the delay with the fashion week stuff. Paris Fashion Week is still in the works and so I'm gonna do a post about the sum of the fall looks that is coming up, so be sure to be on a look out :D

Monday, February 22, 2010

Favorite Details in Derek Lam Fall 2010 NYFW

Fellow Californian, gotta represent! He gave a comfortable Cali look with a tailored edge, his inspiration came from Cowboys/Western fashion, haha. The deep blue and bronze colored eye makeup gave a cool but gorgeous vibe.

I keep seeing white/white-ish nails

How cute and comfortable-looking are these booties!

Another shot of the face
all images from nymag.com

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Favorite Details in Marc Jacobs Fall 2010 NYFW

I truly admire Marc Jacobs for being able to design major collections during the fall. That creative genius not only has his own line, but he is the designer for the iconic Louis Vuitton and his Marc by Marc Jacobs line which all are different types of styles and they all have shows during fashion week of course. It's a dream of mine to meet him... ahahah. Anyways, onwards to the pictures. Marc Jacobs always collaborates with Nars Francois and so I always see the stuff that is coming to the upcoming Nars makeup collection feature in his shows. I've noticed that many collections this fall also had a more natural approach on the face makeup, and this was true for this collection too.

So simple, but pretty. I read somewhere that the eyeshadow was a lavender color, a new eyeshadow from Nars coming out this fall... ahh, the name escapes me right now,lol

Taupe nails, love that

Pompom handbags, so cute and perfect for fall...haha

Brogues with some sparkle
all images from nymag.com