Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Manicure of the Moment

My sister and I got our nails done at a local nail salon recently. The lady who did my nails did pretty good with me but for my sister not so much as you can see. Both colors are OPI, the purple one is from the designer series but I can't remember the name and the black one is "Baby It's Coal Outside!" Click to enlarge :)

no flash

with flash

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Bit of Lucite and Prada

It keeps raining and so I keep looking at fashion blogs. Here are my favorites from the Prada Spring 2010 Campaign. Click to Enlarge

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Golden Globe 2010 After Party Favorites

I know that many blogs are going to blog about their favorites from the actual award show, but I just wanted to do something a bit different... the after parties :P in part because I probably will never be able to have a reason to dress up for "red carpet," ball gown wearing events. Here are a few of my favorites... all clickable

Lindsay Lohan with her hooded glitzy mini, I love how it sparkles

Camille Belle with her iridescent green blue origami like dress with what looks like to me Tinker Bell pompom shoes, she is always my favorite stylish actresses

Ashley Olsen with lots of blue and petals detailing the dress, I love how the entire outfit looks different and warmer (compared to the others), yet still cute with those gorgeous Manolos

Kate Bosworth with a classic little white dress, I love how simple it looks with the fabric and draping

Vanessa Anne Hudgens with this silvery grey dress with bead detailing, it's cute

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At the awards show, many people were wearing a ribbon for Haiti. We all know that what happened in Haiti was a sad and unfortunate event, please help with donations to the Haiti relief efforts and remember that some can be frauds, but this link for the Doctor Without Borders is legit. Thank you!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

bd's Wishlist for MAC's Upcoming Spring 2010 Collection

I've been paying close attention to all of the pictures and information that are coming out for their Spring Forecast and Give Me Liberty of London collection, slated to be released in the US on Feb 11 and March 11 respectively. All my info was found on the site. I can't help but lem for some products and write out a wish list of everything I want (but of course that may not happen since I'm very picky when it comes to seeing everything in real life). I also enjoy looking at pictures too and thus I created this post to help me keep track of everything I want just for now :D.

Spring Forecast

Eyeshadow Quad - Colour 3... $36 USD

- Black Tulip = frosted dark grape (frost) - LE
- Bruised Plum = frosted mid-tone dirty mauve (veluxe pearl) - LE
- Jungle Moon = blackened deep eggplant (matte) - LE
- Mink Pink = neutral soft pink (veluxe) - LE repromote
actual product, review, and skin swatches seen by blogger too much blush seen here

Eyeshadow Quad - Colour 4... $36 USD
- Aztec Brick = frosted true copper (veluxe pearl) - LE
- Creole Beauty = frosted dark golden brown (frost) - LE
- Flip = bronze gold (frost) - LE
- Manila Paper = pale frosted white gold (veluxe pearl) - LE
actual product, review, and skin swatches by blogger too much blush seen here

Give Me Liberty of London... even though the bird's facial expression doesn't look attractive, I find the rest of the packaging is just too cute to pass up

Lipsticks... $14 USD
- Ever Hip = creamy light coral (cremesheen) - LE
- Petals & Peacocks = creamy bright magenta pink (amplified) - LE
- Peachstock = neutral peach (satin) - Pro

Lipglass... $14 USD
- Frankly Fresh = neutral pink beige with soft pearl - LE
- Perennial High Style = creamy bright pink coral - LE
- English Accents = creamy mid-tone pink - LE

Nail Polish... $12 USD
- Blue India = dark green blue with pearl (cream) - LE
...there are other lipglass, lipstick, and nail polish colors that I did not list because they just didn't sound pretty to me

Did anything catch your attention from these collections or any other upcoming spring collections? I love spring collections because of the colors of pinks and purples... I can't wait.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Which Would You Buy?

In an attempt to stop limit overbuying, I need help to decide which 1 of these 2 spring 2010 collection nail polish colors I should get.

Shu Uemura's Silver Black Flash Dance from the egerie collection. In real life with 3 coats it is a gorgeous black nail polish with intense silver shimmer that is very noticeable... looks great for the nights out.


Chanel's Particuliere from the les impressions de Chanel collection. For me with 2 coats, I would describe it as a chocolate mushroom color cream, so pretty and unique for me because I don't really wear or have nail polishes this color.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Accessory of the Moment: forever21's turquoise egg bracelet

The Pantone company predicted that turquoise was going to be "the color of 2010" because of the mood affecting and symbolic association aspects of it. Ironically I bought this bracelet from Forever21 early in November 2009 and totally fell in love with it.

I instantly thought of this Eva Mendes here during last year's golden globes ceremony. She was so gorgeous in this Christian Dior dress with the vintage Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry

Photo © Jason Merritt/ Getty Images

But since I think my bracelet is not something I'd wear to the red carpet, here are some outfit ideas where the bracelet would work well with.

Aphrodite Dress by Mink Pink... the bracelet can give a subtle pop of color

Twist Back Mini Dress by Mara Hoffman... easily completes the outfit by working with the turquoise in the dress

Crisscross Jumpsuit - Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent... same idea applies from above

Cornelia Dress by Sachin + Babi... white clothes easily go with turquoise accessories, think "beach"

Wooly Blazer by Madewell... easy peazy

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happy 2010

EDIT: ahaha, I'm indecisive sometimes and so I think I'm just gonna stick with this one for my original intentions and delete the other one

A new year gave me the inspiration to make a RE-newed blog filled with new ideas and goals :)

Here's to 2010! This blog will be about the things that drive me... more specifically about the chronicles of the creative loves in my life: photography, music, fashion, makeup, food, and other adventures written and "styled" by me. Enjoy ~!

since it's still kind of the beginning of the year, here are...

My 2010 Resolutions
1. Get healthy: by eating right and exercising routinely. I want to be toned baby and live to 100.
2. Don't be afraid of wearing a red or "not Fia typical" lip color once in a while
3. Blog more: so I can practice with my writing and meet fellow bloggers.
4. Spend money on true desires: so that I won't feel any buyers remorse
5. Vacation: to somewhere I have never been before... France or Hawaii, are you ready?

cheers :)