Sunday, June 13, 2010

the Wondergirls

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"I want nobody nobody but you" was an anthem that I constantly sang randomly a few years ago after hearing about this Korean girl band called the "Wondergirls". Although they began in the Korea (and became iconic over there and all over Asia), they now trying to make it in the American market and I am very excited to be attending their first concert tour here in America (and I'm going tonight :D). Not only are their talented and brave for trying to overcome the American industry barriers, they have flair for makeup and fashion. As you can probably tell, I love watching music videos for any artist's styling in clothes and makeup, and the Wondergirls always look great and cute in their MVs. Their latest single "Two Different Tears" features an 80s theme with demin and other retro stylings with the tattoos inspired by the temporary Chanel tattoos that were in the scene in the beginning of this year... here is the MV:

This clip features celebrities like the Jonas Brothers, Rain, and Crystal Kay congratulating them for their latest album release. They actually opened for the Jonas Brothers last year at their concert.

... and this is the first single that made me their fan


cleung341 said...

My friend is a promoter and they were just in the bay area a couple of weeks ago for the MYX mash. Where are you going to see them?

fia aka blinkydaisy said...

really? they were at the MYX mash too wow... they been traveling everywhere. I saw them today at the Fillmore, they were great and gorgeous with the different outfits... do you like the wondergirls too carol?