Sunday, February 21, 2010

Favorite Details in Marc Jacobs Fall 2010 NYFW

I truly admire Marc Jacobs for being able to design major collections during the fall. That creative genius not only has his own line, but he is the designer for the iconic Louis Vuitton and his Marc by Marc Jacobs line which all are different types of styles and they all have shows during fashion week of course. It's a dream of mine to meet him... ahahah. Anyways, onwards to the pictures. Marc Jacobs always collaborates with Nars Francois and so I always see the stuff that is coming to the upcoming Nars makeup collection feature in his shows. I've noticed that many collections this fall also had a more natural approach on the face makeup, and this was true for this collection too.

So simple, but pretty. I read somewhere that the eyeshadow was a lavender color, a new eyeshadow from Nars coming out this fall... ahh, the name escapes me right now,lol

Taupe nails, love that

Pompom handbags, so cute and perfect for fall...haha

Brogues with some sparkle
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Lulu said...

Thanks for sharing :) I love the first model's looks, so simple, and her nail polishes look so great!

Thanks so much for your congratulations <3

fia aka blinkydaisy said...

you're welcome lulu! :D