Monday, May 31, 2010

Lo Siento

... so sorry about being a horrible blogger, school/work/life has got the best of me and now I have a bit of time to blog again... yay! As a testament to being a makeup fiend, here are a few pictures of my MAC only eye color stuff since last year, I took these pictures to try to discourage myself from buying more but unfortunately that hasn't really worked... lol

15 Pan (L-R): (top 1) smoke & diamonds, next to nothing, illegal cargo, (2nd row) hepcat, deep truth, fig. 1, (3rd) electra, haux, time & space, (4th) pressed tan pigment, pressed antique green pigment, of summer, (bottom) pressed vintage gold pigment, pressed heritage rouge pigment, and pressed nightfish (I think)
"My To-Go" 5 pan (L-R): carbon, femme fi, pressed deckchair pigment, satin taupe, and showstopper
Quads: Rose Romance (I honestly don't remember the names of the eyeshadows except for solar white), Pressed Pigment Quad: nightlite (I think), cocomotion, rebel rock blue, and violet), Self-Made Quad: sketch, sable, kid, jest
Earthly Riches mineralize eyeshadow

butternutty shadestick, zoom lash, stilife paint, margrittes paint, and blitz & glitz liner

It will be interesting to see how much my stash has grown now :P

P.S. have a wonderful memorial day weekend to the USAers

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Cara said...

Woah, cool nails!
Cara from IFB