Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Golden Globe 2010 After Party Favorites

I know that many blogs are going to blog about their favorites from the actual award show, but I just wanted to do something a bit different... the after parties :P in part because I probably will never be able to have a reason to dress up for "red carpet," ball gown wearing events. Here are a few of my favorites... all clickable

Lindsay Lohan with her hooded glitzy mini, I love how it sparkles

Camille Belle with her iridescent green blue origami like dress with what looks like to me Tinker Bell pompom shoes, she is always my favorite stylish actresses

Ashley Olsen with lots of blue and petals detailing the dress, I love how the entire outfit looks different and warmer (compared to the others), yet still cute with those gorgeous Manolos

Kate Bosworth with a classic little white dress, I love how simple it looks with the fabric and draping

Vanessa Anne Hudgens with this silvery grey dress with bead detailing, it's cute

all images from justjared.com

At the awards show, many people were wearing a ribbon for Haiti. We all know that what happened in Haiti was a sad and unfortunate event, please help with donations to the Haiti relief efforts and remember that some can be frauds, but this link for the Doctor Without Borders is legit. Thank you!

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