Wednesday, January 13, 2010

happy 2010

EDIT: ahaha, I'm indecisive sometimes and so I think I'm just gonna stick with this one for my original intentions and delete the other one

A new year gave me the inspiration to make a RE-newed blog filled with new ideas and goals :)

Here's to 2010! This blog will be about the things that drive me... more specifically about the chronicles of the creative loves in my life: photography, music, fashion, makeup, food, and other adventures written and "styled" by me. Enjoy ~!

since it's still kind of the beginning of the year, here are...

My 2010 Resolutions
1. Get healthy: by eating right and exercising routinely. I want to be toned baby and live to 100.
2. Don't be afraid of wearing a red or "not Fia typical" lip color once in a while
3. Blog more: so I can practice with my writing and meet fellow bloggers.
4. Spend money on true desires: so that I won't feel any buyers remorse
5. Vacation: to somewhere I have never been before... France or Hawaii, are you ready?

cheers :)

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