Sunday, January 17, 2010

bd's Wishlist for MAC's Upcoming Spring 2010 Collection

I've been paying close attention to all of the pictures and information that are coming out for their Spring Forecast and Give Me Liberty of London collection, slated to be released in the US on Feb 11 and March 11 respectively. All my info was found on the site. I can't help but lem for some products and write out a wish list of everything I want (but of course that may not happen since I'm very picky when it comes to seeing everything in real life). I also enjoy looking at pictures too and thus I created this post to help me keep track of everything I want just for now :D.

Spring Forecast

Eyeshadow Quad - Colour 3... $36 USD

- Black Tulip = frosted dark grape (frost) - LE
- Bruised Plum = frosted mid-tone dirty mauve (veluxe pearl) - LE
- Jungle Moon = blackened deep eggplant (matte) - LE
- Mink Pink = neutral soft pink (veluxe) - LE repromote
actual product, review, and skin swatches seen by blogger too much blush seen here

Eyeshadow Quad - Colour 4... $36 USD
- Aztec Brick = frosted true copper (veluxe pearl) - LE
- Creole Beauty = frosted dark golden brown (frost) - LE
- Flip = bronze gold (frost) - LE
- Manila Paper = pale frosted white gold (veluxe pearl) - LE
actual product, review, and skin swatches by blogger too much blush seen here

Give Me Liberty of London... even though the bird's facial expression doesn't look attractive, I find the rest of the packaging is just too cute to pass up

Lipsticks... $14 USD
- Ever Hip = creamy light coral (cremesheen) - LE
- Petals & Peacocks = creamy bright magenta pink (amplified) - LE
- Peachstock = neutral peach (satin) - Pro

Lipglass... $14 USD
- Frankly Fresh = neutral pink beige with soft pearl - LE
- Perennial High Style = creamy bright pink coral - LE
- English Accents = creamy mid-tone pink - LE

Nail Polish... $12 USD
- Blue India = dark green blue with pearl (cream) - LE
...there are other lipglass, lipstick, and nail polish colors that I did not list because they just didn't sound pretty to me

Did anything catch your attention from these collections or any other upcoming spring collections? I love spring collections because of the colors of pinks and purples... I can't wait.


Citrine said...

Oooh, I like the lipstick packaging as well! (I am not sure if I like the actual

Tiffany said...

the colors are gorgeous for this collection. I haven't seen it yet thanks for posting!

cleung341 said...

Love the deco on the nail polish bottle.

fia aka blinkydaisy said...
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fia aka blinkydaisy said...

yup I can't wait for this collection to come out and you're welcome :)

Krystal Leigh said...

Hey there! I found your blog through Specktra! I have a look I did on my blog with the colour 4 quad if you wanna have a look.