Thursday, January 14, 2010

Which Would You Buy?

In an attempt to stop limit overbuying, I need help to decide which 1 of these 2 spring 2010 collection nail polish colors I should get.

Shu Uemura's Silver Black Flash Dance from the egerie collection. In real life with 3 coats it is a gorgeous black nail polish with intense silver shimmer that is very noticeable... looks great for the nights out.


Chanel's Particuliere from the les impressions de Chanel collection. For me with 2 coats, I would describe it as a chocolate mushroom color cream, so pretty and unique for me because I don't really wear or have nail polishes this color.


Citrine said...

Chanel. Since you can find glittery polish in black base from many other brands...

cleung341 said...

I say Chanel! If you want a pretty black w/ glitters try OPI's My Private Jet with the holo of course!

fia aka blinkydaisy said...

thanks for the advice!

- Citrine, you're right, it's just that sometimes when I see things I like I don't think about how many other alternatives there are

- Carol, that's a gorgeous color too but I can't find the old version of it that looks better